Monday, July 6, 2009

Working with what you have

Hehe, per the advice of a friend on Facebook, I gulped and went to get some lithium batteries for my digital camera. Ouch. Rice and beans for a few meals for me!

Anyhow, here's how the bedroom looks (not much different like I said before) right now:

I have pulled some things here and there from my storage unit to try to make my shorter stay here a bit more home-like instead of living like it's just temporary quarters (which it is). With that comes mixing and matching things that normally didn't go together.

The lamp above was in my living room years ago and was replaced because its twin bit the big one after a cat-gone-crazy incident. It sat in the garage for years. Had to buy a new lampshade and since my budget is so dang tight, I went with the black one as the only off white/beige they had that was big enough was about $5 more. It looks bad but nothing a can of spray paint can't fix and a glue gun to recreate the wrap it has currently with some almost went to Goodwill when I moved so I am not out much. (Target lamp circa 1995, Target shade 2009.)

I'm not thrilled with how the black paint ended up with the picture. It really needs new matting or a completely new look to it but I love that picture as it combines flowers and architecture. Two of my favorite things.

Some things are going to remain a bit barren and/or crudely done because that's just how it is right now. Take my window treatment for example:

The miniblinds are provided by the complex. I desired to have that window be dark in the early mornings (not a morning person) so I took one of the forest green tab top panels I have had for years and tacked it up with push pins instead of installing one of the rods. Since the rod requires the use of a drill, I am not inclined to do that at this time.

Tiny apartment entryways are a huge challenge. Using what I have with a couple of dollar store items, I came up with this:

Another challenge is to coax your graciously given hand-me-down point and shoot camera to see what you see. My desire is to have a full on Canon but that's a different entry on its own. The mirror had an almost identical frame as the big picture in the bedroom which I used as a test to paint before the big frame. It isn't as high up as it appears in the pic. The two little pictures are dollar store frames with scrapbook paper inside. The candle holder also came from the dollar store with a cut-out of a cat so that goes with the dog paw print in the one frame as I have both a cat and a dog.

So, I am working with what I have and working on short time here soooo to end this, here's a pic of my dog Jake I took when I was getting some shots of the bedroom:

A pic of my goofy cat will come at a later time.

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