Thursday, July 16, 2009

DTMMBLB - Do These Make My Butt Look Big?

Odd title that has nothing to do with this post but instead of LOL or BRB or ROFLMAO I kinda like DTMMBLB. In my head it makes a sound like a cartoon character. And you may think my sober ramblings are strange; you should have seen some of my drunk posts!

I was able to get out and about today since the heat wasn't too bad and the car started right up. She did a bit of protesting a bit later though.

I had intentions of picking up an application at Michael's craft store but the City of Colorado Springs had other ideas for getting anywhere quickly. It was only about 2:00 pm and they were doing some road work just north of Woodmen Road and North Academy Blvd and if anyone that lives or has traveled through that part of Colorado Springs knows, it's not a kind intersection most any time of day. I sat through at least three if not four traffic lights...At that point I said a few curse words in my head and decided to plan that stop for another day.

My only option was to take a left which incidentally is also one way to get into the Hobby Lobby. Thank goodness they have some killer stuff on sale and since I am in serious budget mode, I have to think things through. I ended up getting three little baskets (50% off through Sat.) for 75¢ each to hang in my bathroom. Nothing special but the wall behind the door has been blank and bugging me since I moved in. They also had Ceramcoat acrylics on sale for 99¢ and I picked up Burnt Sienna and as far as I can tell, will work well with a couple of small items I want to paint for the living room...and the paint is almost the exact color of the terra cotta yarn in the afghan I am making. Nothing overboard a few items that will go into or are now in service.

Here's an older pic of my bathroom, nothing special really. The towels and shower curtain (also curtain rings) are from Wal*Mart:

The curtain rod is secured to the wall by the complex so I can't move it up or out so the curtain is straighter...but across from the toilet is where I put the small baskets. I'd like to dye them in some fashion but not sure what type of cheap dye to use. I'd rather not ruin them even if they were cheap.

So, I had a not very interesting day and I am okay with that. I still haven't been sleeping all that well and am feeling it tonight. I think I will just take my valerian root, some melatonin and hit the sack. I had a few things on my mind to post but I will wait when I am feeling a bit more with the program.

To everyone in blog-land, I hope you have sweet dreams when you find them tonight.

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