Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thrifty Decor Chick

I know many people follow her, in fact one of my good friends asked me if I knew of her site and YES:

Her blog is one of the first blogs I ran into when I started looking for ideas for my new apartment and soon a new house. She's also one of the many blogs I run to every day to see what she has in store. I get a little disappointed when I realize she has a life off-line and hasn't done an update but hey, not everyone is an outta work web designer (partially by choice) with too much time on her hands.

BTW, she posted two very cool ways to have thrifty and cool looking pillows this week.


I've been a happy housewife to nobody but me today (I'm not married, no boyfriend so I guess I am a 40something spinster).

I was lucky enough to have a friend drop off a vacuum cleaner he no longer wanted as my Oreck needs a serious overhaul which I can't do financially at this time. Anyhow, it's a Bissell bagless that you can wash out the filters and such so I spent my morning and early afternoon working on that, spray painting a few items, sweeping the area at the front door, sweeping the patio, oiling down my bedroom furniture...stuff I really hate doing but it's been kind of therapeutic today.

Still need to dust and oil down all the furniture in the living room, clean the bathroom and the kitchen floor. Hopefully by the time I am done with that, I can put the vacuum back together and get this apartment carpeting vacuumed well. I had put a new roller brush in the Oreck but the motor siezed up (long fine hair does more damage to a vacuum than pet hair) so the carpets are kinda gross. I probably should borrow a steam cleaner and go over the major traffic areas.

The afternoon rains have come just in time to cool us down here in Colorado Springs. I'm glad I got up earlier in the day than I have been so I could enjoy the sun (even if from inside). Oh yeah, it's coming down quite nicely. Soothing.

Happy Saturday!

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