Saturday, July 4, 2009

New blog, temporary?

It's just a blog and here's an introductory post.

I'm not new to blogging either through free services, through Live Journal (and yes, that is blogging but in a different way and I do choose the paid option as it's my therapy), the Facebook thing which is also it's own animal and have had a blog on one of my business hosting accounts.  I foresee that this may end up being transferred, at some point, to a Wordpress based blog on my other hosting account.  Who knows.

So, what's the purpose?  This is for a "new" place and space in my life.  I recently went to a rehab facility for alcohol, moved from a house to an apartment and will be moving to a house again; all the while looking for additional income as web design (no I haven't messed much with Blogger, I just set it up) is a bit slow for me.  

I've always been completely gaga over anything dealing with home design on all levels.  I grew up around the construction industry and worked for my father's window and door company off and on from age 15 to 28.  During my time as a sales rep on Colorado's Western Slope, the majority of my window and door sales were to custom or semi-custom builders and homeowners.  While sales can be difficult, it was a lot of fun to see people's homes come to life and in that price range, oh the gorgeous and also the hideous things I would see for interior design.  This uh, passion, for design has hit me hard since I moved.

I also love, love, love food.  You'd think with my obsession with food I would would weigh 500 pounds. Between home design and food I have so many links it's not a wonder I haven't found a job to supplement my income!  I think that's also why I am not 500 pounds, I drool over other people's food creations and since I am ADD (yes, bonafide adult ADDer diagnosed long before ADD/ADHD was fashionable) I go from food blog to food blog to home decor blog to whatever I feel like next. When you are spending that much time ogling...uh you get the picture.

At this time I am going to stay with the basics that Blogger offers.  I may make some changes but if I move this to my own hosting where I can really get down and dirty with the design of my blog, this will remain as a tract home, if you will.

Happy Independence Day!


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