Monday, July 6, 2009

My poor, sad little bedroom

Above is how it looked and still looks (sort of) when I moved in at the beginning of June. In a need to change things, I painted the big picture on the first photo in black. Uh, it doesn't look that great (like I said in my previous post I need batteries for the camera) and it needs new matting.

Last night while trying to take pics of what it actually looks like now, my camera pooped out on me. I installed brand new batteries and for some reason it states that the battery is "empty"...uh no. I will have to search around to find out why it pooped out and how to get it to work again. This saddens me, greatly.

Things I need to focus on for my bedroom is - a nice comforter, pretty pillows, a nice bed skirt and such that will be transferable to a new home. I can paint if I would like but if I am only going to be here 6 months, this doesn't seem like a good idea as you have to paint it back.

It's pretty simple and on one hand, that's fine with me but on the other, it needs a dash of color other than just the afghan that was in my mom's side of the family from years and years ago.

So, that's the bedroom with my bed. The two stands on either side are the family heirlooms and the big dresser was a find my mom got at a local auction house back in the 70s. It has a gorgeous beveled mirror that goes with it but one of the screws that anchors it (more pics later on that) has broken so I need a new one created.

(sad, sad, sad, I desire my camera to work)

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