Sunday, February 28, 2010

Casually dressed canopy and dollar store finds

Sheer panels from Tuesday Morning at $3 each!

Here's the before-before:

Then there's the newer before:

Finally, here's the after:

They look a hundred times better in person though.



Two more afters:

In the pics they look more yellow than they are in person.

The main part that is bugging me is the space between the mirror and the canopy rail. For grins I put up the two remaining napkins from my pelmet box to try to envision it with a shortened valance but it wasn't working for me. They had another one of the sheers and though it appeared the same, the color of it was off just enough in the store I just couldn't bring myself to getting it. Even if it hadn't been off, I don't have a sewing machine and that's not something you want to hand sew for many reasons (slippery fabric, etc). Plus you know the thread would cost as much as the panel so it wasn't worth it.

I will rest on it a few days to see if I am liking it more or not. But seeing as the other ways I have done sheer fabric on the canopy in the past just isn't going to work for this go around (the room is too small, placement of the TV and the dresser just make it too cramped), that was my only option really. Plus they only had the two. If the room weren't set up like it is and if it were bigger I probably would invest in 8 panels and put two in each corner similar to this but without the tabs and not wrapped around the bed posts.

It really does look better in person. I don't know why they look a honey color in the pics...I adjusted the contrast a bit because they looked very washed out and since it was later in the day, the light was pretty diffused as well. They look nearly perfect at night.

If I don't like it, I will keep them and put them up in the bedroom patio door when I take down the panels I have behind the vertical blinds after the main part of heating season is over. They can be used to let in light but help with a bit of privacy during the day. But so far I may just keep them as they are.

Oh and after I put them up there, the regular bed pillows seemed so blah so I added the pillows that came with the duvet. I need to get plain black fabric and cover them all. But it adds a much needed dimension on the bed after putting the sheers up.

Today I made a run to the Dollar Tree and picked up several hard backed rugs. The little rugs I had in there (I think $2-$3 each at Home Depot in May) had seen better days.

Here's Sonny sprawled out on one of them back in the summer:

Believe me when I say, they don't look anything like that today. Between me, the dog, the cat and the fact they shrank after several washings (though I did wash in cold and air dry them per the instructions) they're just pitiful.

So, they had several black rugs with the cloth banding. Shake and vacuum, works for me:

Oh how I miss the wood laminate floors of my old kitchen. That vinyl flooring is just dreadful but better than some of the other apartments in this complex.

They really make the greens, yellows and pumpkin-oranges pop in my kitchen.

I replaced the one in the laundry room that is placed at the laundry room door to catch kitty litter so Sonny doesn't track it around the house. I had a multi-color dollar store rug there and the colors were driving me batty. I also got two for the front door (inside and out) to catch the dirt and salt.

Oh and a while back, I added the valance from the kitchen curtain on the door to the laundry room. I am one of those that if it's there, I try to find a place for it. It helps hide the shelving a bit when I forget and leave the door wide open. If I can find a cheap full length curtain, I will do that instead. I just have to leave the door open so the cat can use the litter box. At least with a curtain he can come and go as he pleases and it keeps the air circulation going (gas water heater is in there).

Okay. Hopefully everyone had a fine weekend. I probably will link up to a few link-a-thons this week so see you around!


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If I were to paint

The living room would go from this:

To this:

My bedroom would go from this:

To this:

I had to use a combo of Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro because I don't know how to use masks and such but hey, that works for me. I've never claimed to be a master at Photoshop...perhaps I should take a class.

Canopy a good idea?

But of course it can be a good idea!

Haha, don't you just love a corny play on words?

Anyhow I added the canopy to my bed today out of boredom. I had to lower the mirror and I am not sure I am liking it there but I will wait before I decide to keep it or put something else there.



I really wish my camera had the ability to take wide indoor shots. Oh well.

Sonny has approved of the canopy:

(Yes those are two separate pictures...aint he adorable?)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just swatch me!

I was just cruising through some fabric sites so I could get an idea of what is available and hopefully what I can find locally. Came up with some samples of fabric designs I like for the office/computer chair.

I am pretty sure I will end up with something completely different but at least I now have a thought process going even though I am unable to afford to recover my chair right now.

I do like solid colors with heavy texture, tone on tone, but also like some that have two colors. I am not as inclined to go with multi colors though multi colors can open up a lot of possibilities. However, multiple colors tend to run in a much more defining style like "modern" or "rustic" or "traditional". Also, since this chair is used a great deal, it has to be able to withstand a lot of wear. Most of the multiple color options seemed to be for light duty upholstery oh and way, way out of my price range too.

Inspiration is not a bad thing, even for impatient people like me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Urkel voice: "Did I do that?"

Next project is to redo my office/desk chair. Last night I took it apart to see how it's constructed. I'm not encouraged because I popped off the lower lumbar area (under the actual lumbar area) and in doing so snapped the plywood in half.


No worries I was able to get it back together and found that it has a black plastic claw and bolt system with velcro. With my wrist the way it is, I couldn't even attempt the same with the upper part of the back so I put it back together again.

I think I purchased it via Office Max about 2003. Some might think it odd that I would get an executive chair but I did so for two reasons: I was doing well with my web design so I needed something I could sit cross legged if I so desired and I had a big fat cat who always wanted to sit on the chair with me. My previous chair had seen better days and with the cat, this chair gave me enough room to let him lounge on my lap while I worked. Sonny rather enjoys hanging out with me on the chair too and is doing so as I type this.

So, the options were limited and a leather chair was not (and still is not) something I would want so I had to settle for gray and for microfiber.

Microfiber, do not like. Once it's stained, it's stained forever. I plan on keeping an eye out for some fabric remnants to cover it until I can afford a new chair. I don't like the gray and it sticks out like a sore thumb in the apartment with my beige and tans as well as my autumn color scheme.

Hmmm, I wonder if anyone in my family has any leftover upholstery fabric - 3.5 yards is all I need and if there is less then I will get funky with it and do three different on the front and arms, one on the back and one on the seat.

So, this is in the future but hopefully sooner than later.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Textiles, How I Love Thee

Table runner on the dresser as you walk in the door:

"Not trying to be artsy" shot:

Ever since I started to work on my bedroom window, I've fallen in love with textiles more than I loved them prior. I've also begun to notice other elements of the home like baskets, pottery, woods and metals. I've always loved items for the home but I think I have found a new appreciation for them as of late.

It's like starting on a raw design for web design but you can touch, feel, smell and if you want, taste it. Of course there's the visual aspect. It doesn't have to be fancy though because you can use most all your senses which makes them have such an impact for our surroundings. I need to find a job that deals with home interiors. All home decor items be that from the architectural elements (windows, doors, walls) on through the interior design just make me happy.

I found the above table runner at Ross and it wasn't until I started looking at other blogs last spring that I didn't think of buying a table runner for anything but for a dining table. Now I can see there are more uses and will be on the look out for fun ideas to hang on the wall behind my futon.

Now I wish I could bannish all the mini blinds and the vertical blinds in this place and have nice window coverings throughout at a smart price. Granted I am hoping that my circumstances change with finding a house but I desire having pretty windows throughout.

Hope everyone is having/will have a nice Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's on the 99¢ Menu?

Please see previous entry to learn more about this curtain set.


In progress:

Hand sewing (but you can't see the stitches unless you look hard):

Now to buy a real curtain rod (like the one in my bedroom - cheap double rod) and find something to make a valance to break up the pattern a bit and have it feel a bit more finished. Also, it needs to be trained (as I have seen in other blogs)and perhaps a couple of fishing weights to help them from getting a wild hair.

Not bad for 99¢ by golly!


PS The cobalt blue votive holder came from my hallway table.

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I ended up getting a gold cafe rod from Target because the other rod requires some height in order to put the rods on the brackets and it was the cheapest of the cafe rods. So, no valance unless I make a pelmet box with only one side and somehow attach it to the ceiling.

The window is in a tight position because the duct work runs over the kitchen ceiling making it only 7' high. There is only 2 1/2" to the ceiling from the window and 4" to the corner which is not much room to work with. Oh well. It's completed for the moment. I might get creative and hang a valance from the ceiling in such a way you don't know.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Before the Blues Comes the Cheap

Ross is still having their home stuff on clearance and since they are next door to Safeway I decided to see what Ross had on their deep clearance items, so check this out:

That's just on top of the bedroom curtain (outside rod) so I could get a full shot of it.

Anyhow, it's called "window in a bag": the valance, panels and the tie-backs are all included in the package.

Kind of a neat pattern. Thing is, it's super thin material (not like a sheer though) and the smell that came off it when I ironed it, reminded me of the fabrics in my grandmother's house (my mom's mom). I don't think she did much redecorating after I was born in 68!

What you don't see is the valance is integrated into the entire thing. Not separate, all one piece!

No bother, look at the price close up:

Just in case you are wondering. Hehe.

So what in the gods' names do I have in mind for that?

Ladies and gents, I have finally resolved the issue with this:

My ugly kitchen window with apartment issue mini blinds that look like they are 15 years old or more.

For 99¢ + 07326¢ tax.

The two panels are 27" wide by 78" long from where they attach to the valance. Cut the valance off each panel, fold in half, using the hemming tape (hopefully it's not stiff) attach at the top, do a quick stitch by hand up the long end edges if there's not enough tape, put on either a cheap rod ($1.57 at Target) or using the copper jewelry wire I've had for ages, fashion a few lengths of the wire across the top of the window with push pins and call it mostly covered...surely a tweak or two will happen...perhaps some ribbon detailing at the top or if I can find a small solid thing of fabric to make a real valance...ideas, ideas and more ideas.

99¢? Diggin' that!

I love to have where I am living being as complete as possible but putting much more money into making this my home with these ugly windows, although temporary, is not a good idea. For 99¢ though, I am not going to worry too much about breaking the bank for a solution for a temporary problem.

EDIT: Took out the seam ripper and the little thread scissors I have and the two panels are now detached from the valance part. Now I have a 55" x 17 1/2" valance that doesn't have a place to go. Not sure what to do with that. I guess I will think on it while I figure out how to complete the two panels.