Friday, July 10, 2009

$1 Kitchen Decor

When I was digging through a box of odds and ends that house various things like computer cables (I used to work in IT), craft paint brushes, screen spline tool (from my days as a window & door sales rep) and other odd crap, I came across a set of windchimes that I think I have had (and I recall buying from Hobby Lobby) since 1991 or so.

Going off my "working with what you have" theme, I knew that there was something I could do with them other than tick off the other apartment dwellers and hang them on the patio, hmmmm. I had purchased some $1 bamboo placemats at the dollar store last month to dress up my bamboo trays.

Weird blank space above my sink, orange bamboo placemat, found glue gun, set of old wind chimes...ugly space needs "something". So, it may be odd but it makes an otherwise blank wall have a dash of color and a tad bit of interest:


Wish I had some cup hooks to hang it that match the chimes but oh well, one less big hole to fill when I move so a clear push pin works for me.

Gotta love temporary digs.

Recycling as well: the purple and the white filled bottles you see on the sink were Kroger brand spicy mustard and mayo bottles. As soon as the newer mustard bottle is empty, that will be filled with the lotion instead to match the dish soap (so they both have black caps).

Hope everyone is having a fine Friday!

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