Monday, July 20, 2009

Wellgate wrist brace - a review

Picture links to Walgreens but mine were ordered from Amazon:

I really like these but rarely wear them if I am on the computer. Anyone who has had wrist issues knows that typing with a wrist brace on is not easy but during down times and while driving, I am able to wear it with no problems.

They look great (compared to many others) and since they are designed for women, they do support better than a standard unisex type. My only problem with them is the velcro loses its velcro-sticky after time. The way it is designed, they don't use the standard velcro fabric on the back of the brace where it "hooks". It's a nice soft fabric but after about 9 months of the first one being constantly taken off and put on again it doesn't hook well.

The second one, I learned to not hook the brace to where I use it when it's on (while not wearing it, if that makes sense) and that has helped a lot.

Anyhow, I think it's a good brace, good support and isn't ugly. I have heard that some women who have bigger wrists will find them too small though, so try them on before you buy.

Oh and during other times, I use a craft glove to support my wrist like when I am on the computer. They help but not nearly as well as a full brace.

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