Monday, July 13, 2009

One of those days but I turned it around. Goodwill!

I woke up today very late and with a sense of "dread". A day where, before, I would have gone to the liquor store and I am not doing that. Well, I got in the shower even though I really wanted to stay stinky, hibernate in the apartment and wallow in whatever was making me feel dread. I know why my mood was so horrible but sheesh, didn't think it would be that bad.

During one of my travels around my 'hood I noticed that Tuesday Morning had moved to the shopping center right by the apartment. I hadn't been to their old location in ages and ages so I didn't know they had moved despite that it was next to The ARC Thrift store previously.

Since it had been so long, I decided to see what stuff they had. While they have some good quality stuff, being the frugal (and currently broke) person I am I was still disappointed in some of their pricing. I certainly will keep them in mind for when I can afford to get a new comforter for the bed and a blanket but keep an eye out for their clearance sections instead. I don't see that a $100 comforter is all that great a value even if the original pricing was at $195. Uh, cat, dog, out of style real quick. Things like that are rarely an "investment" IMO.

It was storming pretty hard while I was in there so I spent a good hour just going through and looking around and walked out as the storm passed without having purchased a thing. Which is good because one of my goals for the day was to get to Goodwill and look for a few more clothing items. So for $4 or so less than I would have spent on wine (given my mood) I picked up a pair of jeans (full price as it's hard to find my size so I snag them when I can), a nice top, two around the house or quick run to the grocery store t-shirts and a cute little bowl that isn't anything special but made me smile. On the way home, picked up a couple of job applications since my mood was much better. It was hard to put on a smile pre-Goodwill so I waited until I was on my way back home.

The two t-shirts are screen printed. One says "I'm probably lying" and the other says "It's only funny til someone gets hurt...then it's freakin' hilarious". Humorous and cynical, fit my mood and will in the future too. The jeans (Levis 515 bootcut) fit perfectly so I am pleased with a $4.99 price tag as they are in pretty darn good shape. The top is a well made cotton long sleeve knit top which will work for fall through spring. It's a nice red color with a pretty satin look trim around the neck which can be worn alone or under something else in the cold months (or even in the summer when it's a bit chilly out). It was only $1.99 since it was a 50% off tag (green tags were 50% today, red tags 30% off). The t-shirts were $1.39 (red tag) and $1.99 (white tag) but I got rid of a lot of my "around the house/shopping shirts" when I moved as many were nothing more than hole ridden icky things so it's worth it to me.

The little bowl I found was only 79¢ as it too was a 50% off item:

Had it been still listed at $1.59, I would have left it behind but at 79¢ I figured I could afford the little smile it gave me instead of stopping at the liquor store, good trade off. It's now sitting on my monitor stand with a dollar store candle in it. It's not always about if things match your decor but if you like it.

Instead of soothing my mood with alcohol, I got some things (for less $) that will last and needed with a little something extra. Now if the job fairy will bless me, it will all be good.


  1. Thanks for the kudos Bev! ;-) I turned what could have been a drunken night into something more productive and better for me. Yay!