Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hubba! Hubba! Parquet flooring!

See, that's what I am talking about!

(Both pics below belong to Apartment Therapy, click above for article and slideshow.)

I must admit that the title "Alex's Granny Chic" is kind of off-putting because as a child of the 70s, my grandparents (on both sides) were far from that hip and cool but my parents were - haha (grandparent age now though my mom died when I was 15). Since I am far from being young and hip myself, I guess I will accept that and lust after that flooring!

I LOVE it. I think parquet floors get a bad rap and are a style that never really goes out of style. That or I am just wishing I was in my toddler years again?

Eh, no matter. I like them and they look fabulous.

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