Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Sunday Morning

Being a night owl has its upside but I am trying to get back to being a normal wake up in the early morning type person so I can find part-time work to add to my small income.

I launched yesterday as I am sort of anal about time and like to check the times of sunrise and sunset locally. I checked the calendar and today is 102 days without alcohol. While I am not a "birthday" kind of woman with regards to my sobriety, like many who celebrate with major glee on each milestone, it's interesting to see where I was (oh my, some of my drunk journal posts are horrifying) and where I am today. Sober is good even if I don't embrace AA like many of my counterparts.

After a day of cleaning, straightening up my tiny apartment I called it a day and *gasp* crawled into bed at 10:30. I watched TV for a while and fell asleep during a rerun of "Cold Case" and woke up to a very vocal Sonny who has not figured out that I am far from a morning person. He is a rescue boy so I give him some slack until he realizes I am master of the house and not him...haha, like a cat will accept that gracefully.

One of the first blogs I checked was a penny saved... which stalled me on my usual morning blog check as she has a really cute and dare I say cheap (I like frugal better) way that she's been decorating her guest room.

Oh how I long for a house again. It's been very strange going from a house where I lived close to 11 years (landlord/friend is selling it as he lives across the country now) to an apartment. I don't miss mowing the lawn though. I do miss being able to let the dog out as he needs, the privacy that a house gives you, the quiet, garage....

So I guess I am out of here for the moment to go get a Sunday newspaper, feed the cat and get back to reading my favorite sites later. It is Sunday after all, a good day to be a bit lazy and it's a beautiful morning thus far.

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