Friday, July 17, 2009

Bathroom update

Now that I have my bathroom completed for the rest of my stay in this apartment (looks like I will be here through at least November) I can take some pictures and what a better excuse to clean the bathroom but when you are going to be showing it to the world? I highly recommend it..haha, anyhow, having taken advantage of 50% - 80% off sales for the last few weeks at Hobby Lobby along with my dollar store visits I give you the following:

Three little baskets:

Garden "bowls" that were 20% of (not off) their original price! Used them as wall decor. I'm not sure of their original purpose but they were wirey, springy and cheap...

Like the windchimes I put in the kitchen, I used the same concept in the bath although the execution is a bit off, it's doable for now:

Here's looking from the bath to the small hall - the bath garden "bowl" is 10" diameter and the one in the hall is 14". They were a soft gray but that's just not enough impact. $10 + spray paint I already had (would have been $50 and some change) = cheap decor:

Close up:

Since I am a smoker (I know, horrible, isn't it?) that's a little over two packs less I will be able to smoke and I am a-okay with that.

Okay, off to shower and go pick up some applications for employment while the temps are still low and the car doesn't give me fits.


  1. Great finds! Love the HL sales!

  2. Great finds, I agree. Hobby Lobby is a great place for some interesting and different things. I still haven't figured out what the "bowls" are for except they were in the garden section. I like the 3D effect in both the hall and the bath.

    Oh and those baskets, I love their baskets.