Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh Craig's List

You want how much? It's so gorgeous you gotta wear shades. Er, yeah...

I could not help but do a real LOL when I saw this listing. I like to see what people are selling at more than $50 and a picture/piece of art is very hard to list above $50 unless it's truly outstanding and in demand.

But seriously...if you have to put in your ad (unless it's a free item) something like: "Let me know if you need a better picture." what's the purpose of the first picture anyway? Take a day, put it where you can photograph it without the flash and post it so people can actually see if the item you are listing is even worth the effort. In the world of Craig's List, people will move on by pretty quickly.

I guess the years in sales and web design I get super picky about how people list their stuff for sale. It's just bad form, IMNSHO, to keep your potential buyers guessing even in classified ads.

Granted many don't have my awesome (tehe) skills to put together a Photoshop gallery for stuff I was getting rid of and some for sale when I was moving...but at least you can identify the object by just the picture.

Oh my.

Sadly, most of that stuff ended up at Goodwill as I was down to the wire with clearing out the house. But a box, tissue paper, some poster board, two lamps using CFLs with daylight or bluer tones is all you really need to get decent shots.

BTW, I learned how to make my own light box with this tutorial. I modified mine a bit but it worked great.

PS Photoshop's gallery is not as good as doing my own gallery but I was in the process of a move and it is super simple to set up. If you have Photoshop CS2 or above (not sure about CS) and you aren't much of a web designer or crunched for time, it's a great solution for your own gallery.

Toodles! Happy Friday!

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