Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A lamp that was going to Goodwill


Cleaning it and trying to get the socket housing to detach so I could pull the cord through to spray paint it. Not going to happen so I ended up using a cheap outdoor acrylic as that's just too much prep work:

Had to clean the cavity here with Q-tips. Amazing how much dirt accumulates over time (not to mention tiny spider webs from sitting in the garage for so long):

Handpainting something takes a while but it's oddly satisfying. There's the jute I plan to hot glue to it where you see the solid brown above...that's assuming I can find the hot glue gun. Found the glue sticks but I gather the glue gun is in storage:

I thought I was being smart by putting a "collar" on the bottom of the housing so I wouldn't have extra paint on the base part. Not a great plan since it stuck but oh well. I used tweezers to get out what I could and got out a Sharpie to cover some of the left over. At that point I wasn't in the mood to mess with it anymore:

And two shots in the bedroom sans the jute. I think it looks okay. Not fabulous but it's doable for now:

"Working with what you have." (on a very, very tight budget!)

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