Monday, July 6, 2009

Mondays, blogs and I need to upload pictures

Happy Monday everyone.

I go through a ton of home decor blogs every morning and they prove to me I need to get a part-time job. Long story short, my web design biz hadn't been tended to (alcohol is a bad thing for me) so the income levels are pretty low. When I go through these blogs, I drool over the creativity of so many people around the globe. It's a feast for the inner "hip" woman inside.

I started thinking about my attempt through the years to make my houses (apartments, houses, town homes that I have lived in through the years) a home I can love and enjoy regardless of where I am. Since I've moved from a house to an apartment recently and hopefully will be in a house again by the end of 2009, I want to focus on core items that I can take from drab to fab. The sad part is, it's only the smaller things I can afford at the moment so the blogs help me dream a bit.

Now, one thing I have learned from looking through the blogs and doing a timeline in my head of things I have purchased (and gotten rid of) over the years, I am finding that it's better to try to stick with timeless and stay away from trendy.

The 80s mauve dishes went bye-bye many, many years ago to be replaced by Pfaltzgraff "Midnight Sun" in black around 1995. I got them at the outlet stores in Silverthorne, CO and had been discontinued. With a quick gander at their site, low and behold, they are back. A testament to design and quality that don't go out of style and if they do, not for long. Probably one of the best home items I have ever plopped my money down on.

Also, in the mid 90s I purchased a bed all by myself. I know, sounds silly but I inherited the family antiques and they are all fabulous but the bed is only a full size and in dire need of some serious TLC anyway. I will have to upload pics of it but it's a black wrought iron looking bed that can have the canopy or you can leave it off. With the smaller size of this bedroom I elected to keep the canopy off so as not to overwhelm the room. A bed frame that has options and still has style? I would say that's a great investment.

What about trendy? Well, I think trendy is fun but I am also not into cookie-cutter interiors that look like an IKEA catalog or what have you. I think developing your own style is much more creatively satisfying and that's why I drool over the "good" home interior blogs. They may not have my style but I appreciate that many have adapted old and new to make it right for them.

So, with all that said, I will hunt down pics of past and present (I also need to get batteries for the camera) of my stuff to show you what I have to work with. It's not all saucy and I am still living in my 20s with a lot of my furniture but as time goes on, I hope to have grown-up things or hacked my 20something stuff into something fabulous. I have a pretty good blank slate to start even though I am in my early 40s...oy, where has the time gone?


  1. Well, a good blank slate is a great thing to have for starters, especially if you feel your larger/more expensive pieces are classics.

    It seems to me, buying 'trendy' is fine, as long as we limit ourselves to less expensive items and can recognize when it's time to say goodbye!

  2. Hiya Struggler! Nice of you to drop by!

    Buying trendy is fun. Even I have bought into some of the trendy colors and stuff. I am a bit nostalgic for the greens, yellows and browns of the late 70s... Accessories like cheap throw rugs, towels, and paint are great ways to stay current but the big ticket items (furniture and the like) should hopefully be items that stand the test of time.

    I am having a blast looking through everyone else's blogs and other home design sites recently though. Knowing I can't afford many things, it's enjoyable to be a voyeur into other worlds and love to see the way people get creative!