Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Craig's List

Who doesn't love Craig's List? Specifically the furniture and general categories where you can find all kinds of fun things that any DIYer would love to get their hands on.

But it can be a horrifying journey through people's unwanted items as well. One of the biggest pet peeves are photos. Crappy, not rotated, non-existent or whatever. I think that is one of the best tools to get rid of your stuff, even the free sections can benefit from a photo.

Horrible photos are something I have complained about for years. But when you want to sell something, think it through.

I can't find the post but recently a woman wanted to sell an end table, she included a photo and in the photo the end table had drinks, paper and other crap on it. She freely admitted she was too lazy to remove the items for the picture. What? It makes you wonder how well the item she was trying to unload for some one's hard earned cash was taken care of.

I did find this new listing today which isn't as bad as the one I just mentioned. Doesn't that just make you wanna spend your $15?

Older listing, relisted today and I think I know why nobody has plunked down the $250 asking price. It simply states: Large, comfy deep green couch. Great shape.

On the other side of things, if I had $30 (for two end tables) and wanted that style of end table right now, this is a picture I can nod my head and say the person is doing it right:

We also have this seller who posted the following pic, along with three other pictures and I would highly consider plopping down $100 (less would be preferable) if I had the $ to redo them for my own needs:

That seller even admitted that they needed cleaning. That's a seller I might be able to trust.

Words, words, words...I can understand that in the days where people would actually pay per letter (per word or per line) in the classifieds section of a newspaper you want to be brief but on a big item like a dresser, couch, china hutch and most any piece of furniture adding dimensions will help not only the potential buyer but the seller too. There is plenty of room and you also weed out emails or phone calls asking about those measurements. If I see that the sofa is a monster at 96", I am going to move along as I know that's not a sofa I am looking for.

Don't get me wrong, I have fun looking through Craig's list every night before bed to see what hidden treasures are out there. It also gives me a baseline for when I do find that part-time job, I can see a good deal and pounce on it.

I also get a kick out of some of the ads that are so innocently wrong. I got a giggle out of this one in June: Light wooded armwa in great shape. Two others were "coasters" and "canisters" for the term casters.

So, I am not only a home decor, DIY, crafty blog junky, Craig's List is one of those daily haunts.

Here are a couple of pics of my mish-mashed living room that many wont find pretty at all, it has had a few changes but it's home for another 4 1/2 months. "Working with what you have."

Oh and the "Grandma Made it in the 70s" afghan I am working on for the futon. It's cheap, keeps me from being idle and keeps me from drinking:

Sonny is not allowed on the tables but I could not get mad at him while I was taking pics and since he was there, he got his "I'm sexeh" pose taken for his portfolio.

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