Monday, August 31, 2009

Vase Ideas

Here are three of the ideas I came up (although #3 is just a concept, not a design):

#1 would be the most likely but contained to two strips, a bigger one up towards the bulbous area at the top portion and a smaller one at the bottom...maybe. It goes with the "garden bowls" as pictured.

#2 would be good to carry as a secondary pattern at the bottom instead of having two sets of the circles as outlined in #1.

#3 like I said is more a concept but goes with the idea of combining #1 and #2. I wouldn't do a raised or relief pattern (though it could be done with Paperclay).

I have a ton more ideas but mostly have narrowed it down, thank goodness as I am not one that can make a decision like that unless I just go ahead and do it.

Monday! Glad you're almost over.


  1. Liz, I love the look of #3 and thank you so much for introducing me to Paperclay---never had heard of it! I was envisioning gluing jute on. Have you ever worked with Paperclay? Do enlighten, please.

  2. musingegret - I have never used Paperclay but saw it on another blog. I thought I had that post in my "Individual Projects" bookmarks, but can't seem to find it right now.

    I looked for it at Hobby Lobby and it's located where the Fimo and other project clay is located for $4.99. It's not a large package but given what I have seen, it's a pretty versatile product. I thought I would use it to fill in some of the gaps from the lamp base I found near the dumpster when I get around to fixing it that is.

    Hope you're having a fine day!