Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walking the dog pays off again

It's an odd time of month to move but as I was walking back from taking my dog for his afternoon poo/walk I spied these lovely items next to one of the dumpster fences and a nice woman helped me carry one of them (nice people here).

Only three are workable, one of the chairs had a broken front rail - it was gone - so the head of maintenance chucked it in the trash can for me:

Besides, I don't like to decorate in fours so I am good with that and I am a bit odd anyway:

Then this poor lamp that actually is savagable with a bit of epoxy and some paint...the shade is in near perfect condition, a good dusting with a can of air and such:

All are sitting out on the patio for right now as the scare of bed bugs seems to be popping up in places you never would think they would be. I don't know how long to leave them out there, not sure what to do to them just in case there are hidden creepy things and I hope there's no rain anytime soon.


  1. i always worry about things like that
    having been left in a radon-filled basement...
    for lice, you put stuff in a garbage bag,
    sealed for ten days, which would also protect the things from rain,
    but i think bed bugs take a lot longer...

  2. check for any signs of bedbugs. Those telltale reddish-brown stains.

  3. Thanks for the tips! One is already inside and I sprayed it with Lysol. It's not in a heavily "lived" area so I an keep an eye on it.