Thursday, August 27, 2009

I tricked the batteries in my camera

Although after taking nine pictures, a few with the flash, the batteries protested so no more pics til next month! Not bad considering I take a lot of indoor pics and I got those super (snicker) batteries about July 6th.

Anyhow, here's my floaty looking fleur-de-lis without the paint (man, I need a pretty comforter!):

Of course with a P&S (point and shoot) camera, the options to take what you see are limited but from straight on, they aren't near as floaty looking:

I had mentioned I put the bigger of the "garden bowls" above the wash stand and the picture doesn't do it justice but it's a nice change from a flat picture:

So, all in all since I moved in back at the end of May, I have spent $43.50 (not including tax) to complete the decor in my bedroom. Which isn't bad over three months. I don't count the blanket I bought as that's a necessity and frankly, a lonely blanket isn't for looks but for warmth and it needs to be covered up with a pretty comforter. I am actually embarrassed to show the pics without a comforter but whatchya gonna do?

I am one of those that has expensive tastes and finding the right comforter hasn't been easy based on my budget, what's available in that price point and I don't want to settle with something just because it is the "right price". So, for now it will be a plain blanket with the afghan that someone on my mom's side of the family made to add a bit of interest and color and I will just deal with that.

Also, I wish I hadn't hung that mirror so dang high but again, I want to minimize the amount of holes I need to fill when I move out so it's staying where it is.

Hehe, I kind of laugh at how I have put all this together considering I wasn't even going to bother but with a few pictures here and there; but I realized pretty early on that I would be living here longer than the initial three months. I don't know what it is about our home though, the need to decorate, to embellish, to individualize and even a temporary home needs to feel like home. You need to put your personal touches in a space and if you think about it, even prisoners do what they are allowed to make their tiny cells individualized.

Huh, uniquely a human trait for sure.

Hope everyone is having a fine day!

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