Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orange you happy? (A close-up of some cheap decor.)

I don't know why but the color orange and its variations has captured me and it's not because I am a true Broncos fan either. In the last few months, I see orange and I am drawn to it. My previous decor colors were a combo of maroon/burgandy, forest green and a deep blue - very 90s. When I moved, I started to see oranges, rusts and even coppers (less metallic though) as my new main color mixed with browns, black, yellow, green and cream/off white/beige. It's very versatile, more so than I ever thought before.

These two shelves are off to the right of my computer so I see them day in and day out:

Those shelves have seen many transformations since I moved in at the end of May. I think I have them close to where I want them. I plan on spray painting that blue basket either dark brown or black and the pine cones (in that metal garden thing from Hobby Lobby) may get a coat (or two) of cream color.

I put those orange bamboo placemats (from the dollar store) there because they needed a place to hang out and they just stayed there. It's unexpected, that's for sure. The trivet was a 50% off item from Hobby Lobby (along with two others that are hanging above my sink - see previous post).

I also used a bamboo place mat in a zen-like way (I guess, though not on purpose) on my coffee table:

Not a very good picture but I like the use of such an inexpensive grouping for my coffee table. The placemat was $1, the basket was $2, rocks were $1.40 and the plant $3. Not bad for $7.40 (not including tax). BTW, if anyone can identify that plant for me, I would appreciate it. The two books I have on houseplants are in storage.

So here's the coffee table decorated for about $11.50:

It's an odd assortment but somehow I like it. Of course cameras rarely can take a photo of how things really look but in real life, it does look fabulous to me because it's simple. I'd prefer to have something different than the tray but it needed a place to to be useful other than tucked away next to my knitting needles.

The stand I have that's between the entry and the kitchen was custom built for me to use as a TV stand back in the early 90s. I have a thing for mostly naked wood so this is why you see much of my living room having unfinished oak and I wont finish or paint them...anyhow, orange is there too:

The plate is the same as the one on my shelves. I originally bought them to hang on the wall but the two plate hangers I have didn't work since they are for round plates and plate shelves are out of the question for right now. Anyhow, I couldn't resist that pitcher. I got the plates and the pitcher from Ross - oh the things you can find in their home section! I walked around the store deciding if I really wanted to spend $ on it. Single items over $6 I really stress over. I must have mulled that for a good half hour before I gave in. I had also seen this:

The idea was to buy one or the other and that's what I did. Really. I gave it about five days on the one in my kitchen and decided if it was still there, I would go ahead and pick it up. Even then I walked around thinking about it before I decided to do it. Both pieces were under $10 each but I still feel somewhat guilty for buying them. However, I like them. I had seen fall specific pitchers in Hobby Lobby, new for $30 each so I guess for $16 I got a good deal on the two?

So orange has become a passion color for me and the home decor purchases have come to a halt for the time being. Spread over time they don't seem like much cost per each and they really aren't because so much of what I have purchased has been seriously discounted.

I've had fun with redoing my decor since I moved so soon after Parker Valley. I've used the major items (furniture, mirrors, etc.) as a canvas to make changes to go with the changes I have made otherwise in my life and it feels good. I actually enjoy keeping my house clean now. Why? Because I was buzzed too much of the time to care and while my new stuff is inexpensive, I feel good taking care of it all which in turn helps keep my mind feeling taken care of too.

In figuring out what I have spent on new home decor since I moved, it's less than half of what I would have consumed in cheap wine over that same period of time. This doesn't include the yarn for the afghan I am making and a much needed blanket for my bed.

EDIT 8:31pm:

One thing I have thought about with a lot of the new items (and old too) is that they serve a purpose, or can serve a purpose other than sitting there looking pretty.

For example, those trivets are an obvious duo-function. The pitchers can be used (well they are supposed to be food safe) for serving tea or ice water. The plates can be used as small party platters for veggies or a cheese plate with a dip cup or toothpick cup centered in between.

The metal thing on the first shelf was meant for the garden (was something like $25 full price at HL, got it for $5) but when I have a bigger kitchen again, it's main purpose I got it for is to put fruit in. I got bananas today and they'd fit perfectly in there.

Heck, I am using the colander I have but rarely use (I prefer those big strainers for pasta and such) to put doggie poo bags (pre use of course) in for Jake's walks.

Below the second shelf in the first pic I have a big black bowl that I initially purchased to make an indoor fountain with but use it for serving (like a big salad or whatever) when I go to a potluck but right now it's holding some basic office supplies.

So, rather than just buying things to look good, I try to find things that do more than one service...


  1. Wow, you have some great arrangements of accessories in your home. I love the bowl on the top shelf of the first photo and all the beautiful plates you have too.

  2. Why thank you. This has been a lot of fun and everyone else's blogs on decor, thrifty decor, DIY and such really inspire me.

  3. I believe your beautiful plant with the variegated leaves is a croton; if you Google "pic of croton" there are many sites with great color pictures. Here's an informative site with info on care and feeding of crotons:


  4. musingegret - Right on, thank you for the tip. I need to look at more photos as I think it's a bit different but it mirrors another plant I got on my birthday exactly. The one you see is more tree-like and the other one looks more like those I see on Google Images.

    Thanks again!