Friday, August 7, 2009

Underemployed and bored so pictures of the same

So I took pictures of my apartment - again! I did a bit of decluttering, removing and shifting things the other day which started because the shelves I use next to my computer. It's a magnet for old papers that needed to be filed, craft supplies that didn't make it the three feet to their own shelves and such...

I need a stain pen to hide past movers stupidity who dinged up my dresser:

Found the oval painting my mom had purchased or had made or something (it looks like me as a child) so the double shelves got a bit of change...not getting rid of my Broncos stuff, no way:

I am going to mount those seriously cheaply priced fleur-de-lis things I got at Hobby Lobby on a painted board so they don't float - garden, schmarden, they are in the house like other 66%-80% off garden things I got there. I really need something on the left side of my futon, that wall is just blah:

The other tab top curtain panel crudely tacked up on the patio door. I like to keep the patio door open at night to let in air but want a bit more privacy too and with those vertical blinds, it's not an easy task. Like I said in a prior post, some things are just going to remain crudely done since this is a temporary living situation:

I am consuming coffee this afternoon even though it's warm at 79° in the apartment. I could easily take a nap but doing what I can to avoid that situation!

Hope everyone had a productive and good week and I am raising my cup to a good weekend ahead!

PS Must find a job, I am repeating myself not only on the internet but in my head!

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