Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shady Deals. I mean shadeless deals.

Ran to Hobby for two things...get another application for employment and to see if they had any spray paint that would work for that lamp I posted yesterday. I had gone to Home Depot first and was disappointed by their spray paint selection.

I walk into HL and of course ran over to the seriously, seriously discounted section and look at what I found:

The 13" one was:

The 10" was:


Okay, so as they are right now, they won't work but seriously, $1 each? I can't pass that up. For the time being, I am going to take out the electrical parts and use them to put candles on. Once I find a reliable source for new sockets (don't want a candle-like specialty non-fluorescent light) that should only run me around $5 each (if that). Hopefully I can find free, cheap or seriously discounted lamp shades that will go with the bases.

If for some reason that lamp I found yesterday doesn't look okay after attempting to fix it, then it's parts will go into the 13" one instead.

As for paint at Hobby Lobby, they were a bust too. I guess that if I am able to properly fix the base on yesterday's lamp, it will just be painted a flat black as I already have a can. I was hoping for a more metallic look and was not inclined to drive all the way to Lowes to see what they have.

So, I saved in not buying paint but gained by getting cheap lamp bases that are completely workable.

EDIT: To see what other bargain/thrift hunters have found recently, go check out Southern Hospitality Blog...tons of links there.

Oh and if you popped on here via her blog, check out what I ended up doing with them by going to the default page of my blog - click on the banner...


  1. You got an amazing deal on those. I really miss HL-we don't have one here.

    Come for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  2. Hi Cheri! Actually your blog is one of my blog-cruising sites so yay!

    Thanks for stopping by. Oh and yes, Hobby Lobby has some excellent deals. Too bad you don't have one near you.

  3. great find! i really like the dark one :)

  4. Hello Wendy and thanks for stopping by.

    I really dig the dark one as well. That one wont see any paint in the near future. The lighter one may see some but I am not sure what colors I would choose. I kind of like it as is...but time will tell.