Friday, August 28, 2009

How I covet thee

Not much inspires me in the morning. I am especially not inspired with a lack of sleep. In fact, I probably am much less agreeable this morning than I am usually as I am not a morning person with 6 hours of broken sleep...

Anyhow, I saw this and I jumped an inch out of my chair:

Okay, I didn't jump as I don't have the energy but that fabric is just my style. It's casual as demonstrated in a painted log cabin room yet adds a bit of sophistication with it's structured pattern. This is what I could see stand the test of time in style vs. trend.

This fabric design would fit with most any style of furniture in a wide variety of settings. Of course I could see it in my home! I also could see it in a variety of beautiful colors but I personally like it as is.

Now I am feeling a bit less dramatic in the head and that's a good thing.

Oh how I love my morning blog run.

Happy Friday!


  1. Liz, thank you for introducing me to another great design site; I love that fabric also! Keep posting!

  2. musingegret - thanks for stopping by again.

    I have a ton of links I intend to put out there in a nicely formatted way as I run through a lot of home decor/DIY and such blogs and sites every day. I love the inspiration I get.

    Thanks again for stopping by!