Thursday, August 13, 2009

Transformation Thursday

Okay, I have nothing to post on my own but as the day progresses, check out:

Click to launch her site!

People post links to their projects (usually a before and after) so you can get some fabulous ideas to take that old, dated, thrifted, curb-shopping item and give it new life. I have found so many fun ideas from her site, links from her site and others who do similar posts that link out.

BTW, soon I will post some of my favorite home decor links to not only share but in the case of computer ills, I have them as a back up.

Oh and a "just because" pic I found in June, (I think on Sweet Home Style) because I love the windows and I just felt like posting the pic.

I have about 250 pictures I have saved to my inspire folder...I think that's a bit much but oh well. I like house stuff so when I see something I like, I save it.

I am going to go get some Gorilla Glue all purpose and some sandpaper to fix that lamp. Hope the car doesn't protest too much.

Happy Thursday!

EDIT: Oh and there's:


No I am not a participant but man, the links people post are fun, fun, fun!

(Still working through my daily blog cruise.)

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