Saturday, September 5, 2009

Basket Makeover!

I bought the following basket about 1996 or 1997 when I lived in the Denver Metro area. It went well with the wire and wicker shelving for my bathroom. The shelving doesn't have apples in the motif but the color was the same (forest green) and I think I got them from Linen's N' Things...anyhow, here's the before shot:

For a while now I was thinking I would have to replace it with a new basket but it dawned on me this morning to clip the wicker pieces that were holding the upper part on the basket. Like, whoa (taps side of head). I was going to paint it with avocado green or burnt orange but as I have stated before, painting baskets with a brush is a pain in the butt so I pulled out "carrot" Super Saver yarn (since I already had it) and made what basically is a wide headband about 1 1/2" smaller than the perimeter of the top of the basket (it's a bit smaller on the bottom) and here we have a cheap and easy finished product:

I store some of my office supplies in it and the clear plastic thing peeking out is a peanut butter jar with my paper clips in it. It's mostly covered so I am not going to get too involved with making that pretty.

Here it is with its shelf-mates and you might notice I finally spray painted the blue basket which makes it look much more cohesive:

Bonus part of that is only my thumb would go numb instead of the thumb, pointer finger and middle finger so now I can put more emphasis in finishing my afghan.

Well, I hope everyone is having a fine holiday weekend. It's been pretty quiet around the apartment complex but I wont hold my breath for it to remain that way.

EDIT: 9:25 pm

Oh, I did a similar thing for a banker's box under my computer table (pardon the wires, I need to secure them out of the way):

I use it as a foot rest and the cat also hangs out on top and between the box and the warmth of the tower...

PS I really despise that ugly, very, very ugly "chandelier". It's just dreadful!

EDIT: Sunday 3:50 pm Oh, a bit early but I think this post is well suited for Metamorphosis Monday! Yes, it's still Sunday but with the holiday weekend, might as well get a jump on things.

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EDIT MANIA: Sun 6:00 pm Another link list Trash to Treasures + she's going to have a "giveaway". Stop by, check out the other links and add yours! Yay for having some idle time to click through all these links I am finding today!

EDIT yet again! Mon 2:15 pm I can't pass this one up, Thrifty Decor Chick was the second blog I fell in love with when I started looking at ways to update my decor. She's a master at this decorating thing as far as I am concerned so go check out the Before & After links other people have posted. Oh my. This poor little post is getting edited like never before a post of mine has. :-)


  1. OMG!! So gorgeous, I want one just like it now LOL!!

    And that chandelier? Bring out some black spray paint, get a couple of small lampshades, and you've got a new gorgeous chandelier!!

  2. Hi Caro - thanks for stopping by!

    I've been a bit reluctant to crochet things like that as many crocheted items, what some might call a "cozy", just look tacky. I figured that a solid color with a simple back loop only would give it the structured look I tend to go for. It was super simple and really made a difference - not to mention cheap.

    Haha, I wish I could just replace that chandelier but I am renting so that's not going to happen nor spray painting it is an option. I am not a fan of chandeliers in that style at all. I prefer a more uh, structured, type of lighting.

    Same goes with the ceiling fan I have. It's a tacky brass with a big bulbous single light. When I turn it on high it shakes like it's going to come off the ceiling!

    The joys of renting.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. THanks for stopping by my blog! Please link up this post to my "TRash TO Treasures" post on my blog! You have a great redi! Be sure to follow so you know when I post an upcoming Giveaway! If you link to my Trash To Treasures Party you get an extra entry!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Katie! I just added your blog to my bookmarks (I prefer to do the bookmarks over the blog roll to keep my blog cleaner. haha)

    I will go edit this post now to add your link to your Trash to Treasure...not so much for the giveaway but because it's great to help support other blogs too!

  5. What a perfect soution. The talent of those who crochet!

    Thanks for sharing this.


  6. A knitted basket sleeve, what a great idea. Love the color!

  7. that is so creative...and cute!! :) i spray painted my icky brass chandy and love it! it's somewhere on my blog :)

  8. Great job and great way to 'rescue' your potential 'toss away'! :)


  9. That project really turned out great. What a great transformation of an outdated basket!!

  10. *Smile*

    Hey, thanks for stopping by everyone. Hard to comment on each but thank you for your compliments.

    For those that crochet, it's simply a sc stitch in the back loop only. It didn't take hardly any time and I did that while watching "Men in Black" for the eleven-teenth time. (heeeeeeee)

    I also have to thank everyone though because as I have stated in the past, all these blogs I cruise through have me thinking about home decor, items I see, etc. in a totally different light.

    It's not always how the item appears when you first look at it but what it could become. :-)

  11. This is just the cutest. What a wonderful way to repurpose a basket and make it unique. I especially like the one under your desk used for a foot prop and for you kitty.. Happy Labor Day...hugs ~lynne~

  12. What a neat idea and a nice change! Hope you Labor Day is peaceful and serene!

  13. This is a different way besides spray paint to change it up! I like the texture it adds--a basket cozy! I like your work space and the chandelier just needs some love!

  14. Love the color- it's turning out to be my new favorite. (At least for home decor). It used to be red...just saying.

  15. I love the change-over basket!! Wow some change and so colorful and it goes very nicely where you placed it!!

    My post is at the following blog: