Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the floor

This is the mirror and the anchors (whatever you call them) that attach to the dresser in my bedroom:

While I am in the apartment I don't desire to mount the mirror as it's pretty heavy, it's an antique (my mom bought the dresser at a local auction house in the 70s), and one of the bolts that screws to hold the mirror to the side anchors needs a bit of TLC.

No worries, the halo in each pic is from the flash. It's nearly impossible to get a decent photo of a mirror like that when you don't have the right lighting and the right camera.

Also, I wanted to show a bit of a closer up pic to show the bevel in it a bit better.

Hehe, yeah, I have some lounge pants on with socks because it's been a chilly and rainy day in Colorado Springs!


  1. Oooof! That mirror just **looks** heavy; I can't imagine it being mountable without some help. Beautiful wood finish too. Enjoyed the full apt tour but missed seeing your 'family members!' Stay warm.

    P.S. Have the aspens turned?

  2. Hello again musingegret!

    It's heavy but not terribly heavy but it's awkward to put on the dresser so I will wait till I find a house to put it in its place since it will be there for a long time.

    Hehe, I purposely kept the animals as much out of the way as possible. Sonny was in one of the pictures but when I am moving things around to get the best angle I can with a point and shoot camera, it's best that Jake (dog) is not in my way.

    There aren't any aspens near me. The complex I live in has pine, cottonwood, some kind of oak and such but no aspens. I haven't been up in the high country in a looong time (January) and probably wont be doing that this fall.

    Hope you are well!