Sunday, September 13, 2009

I should get in the business of helping property owners during remodels

These apartments were built around 1986 and over the last year or so as time allows, they have been upgrading/remodeling the kitchens and bathrooms. I would seriously like to get my hands on the bonehead that picked out these low-flow toilets for these tiny bathrooms:

Not only that, I would like to give the brilliant designer of this toilet a toothbrush and have him/her clean this stupid thing after a weekend frat party.

Seriously, as it is, you can barely fit a small trash can between the toilet and the tub and you can't fit one between the toilet and the vanity. It is literally a pain to clean and I can't imagine larger people having much patience trying to clean that and behind it either...Ow, ow, ow. I seriously dislike cleaning bathrooms as it is but I really hate cleaning this one.

I had to erase the mounting bolts with Photoshop because they are missing the caps and you can imagine how nasty that is. I attempted to show the depth of the contours with a quarter but perhaps it didn't come across as well as I had hoped...regardless, what a crappy design and what a crappy place to put such a horribly designed toilet. (Pun not intended. HA!)

When remodeling a kitchen or bath, it is important to take into consideration such mundane things as cleaning.  Architects often don't think about the fact that you may need just 6 more inches to make a bathroom usable and cleanable, especially when it's the only bath in the living space. In addition, the people that picked out these toilets for the bathrooms did a poor job of selecting them.


Hope everyone has had a fine weekend.  Mine has been filled with major cleaning, including washing my flannel sheets today since I ended up with three blankets to keep me warm last night.  They are a dark green, not the bluer or grassier 90s green but a deep pine green.  While they don't exactly go with my decor, they are warm and oh so comfortable!  Fall nights have definitely arrived on Colorado's Front Range.


  1. OMG what a pain! The sculptured curves are pretty but geez, you'd have to haul out the pressure washer to get all the indentations. I applaud your cleaning contortions!.....Mmmm, flannel sheets, never had any but they sure sound comfy. Do they retain the heat from a heating pad?? Glad you're posting again!

  2. musingegret - Oh yes, it is a literal pain to clean seeing as I have problems with my wrist. If you put a toilet like that in a small bathroom (5' x 4'8" floor space with the vanity taking up 27" of the 56") it's very difficult to clean.

    As for the flannel sheets, I love, love them. I don't use a heating pad or blanket but they do retain heat and don't feel chilled when you get in them at all. Not to mention they are so soft. I love flannel from my sheets to my jammy pants. Flannel just makes you feel so comfortable.

    I will be posting here and there but not much to yack about at the moment.

    Thanks again for stopping by. :-)

  3. I hate cleaning the toliet! Ours collect so much cat fur in all those nooks and crannies.

    If your mangement won't put new caps on the toliet screw mounts, they are around $2 or $3 for a pair at somewhere like Home Depot.

    (I'm jealous of you living in Colorado Springs, I would love to live there!)

  4. Hi Delightful Dwelling - glad that you stopped by and glad you enjoyed your trip to Colorado and specifically C Springs. It's a nice place to live.

    I need to have management fix the washer so when I call them to say it's still not fixed, I will ask them about that too. It grosses me out.