Sunday, September 6, 2009

Under employed means lots of time to think

Especially when you want to work on the decor in your home, specifically your bedroom since the temps are flipping between fall and summer. It's a time where one may want to make the bedroom more inviting and cozy.

I'm still a bit embarassed that I don't have a decent comforter, duvet or even a fine bedspread:

But in thinking about what I desire versus my budget and what's out there, it dawned on me what I's based on an episode of "Will and Grace" (I think the one where Grace brought her answering machine to a lodge or something after a breakup with Leo) oddly enough so you know it's been in my brain a long time. Oh and subway tiles:

My thought process goes something like this:

Browns, blacks, creams, tans, etc. Much more random than what I was able to come up with on the computer but this will require me to: Get a sewing machine (a good one as the old one hosed up after a couple of years), comb through thrift stores (other places too) to find garments with the colors I desire, time and space. I have the time but the rest I don't really have.

I thought going with something like that, I could make a bed spread but that's a HUGE undertaking and an actual quilt will never happen as I have never quilted. I haven't used a sewing machine in more than 15 years but that's easy to pick back up. So if I am able to accomplish this my first goal is to get a sewing machine. I also thought that a duvet cover would make more sense. Then I could get a duvet/down comforter that would at least get started on my goal and to look at it naked all the time would inspire me to seek out thrift garments, look on Freecycle and ask relatives and friends to keep me in mind if they plan to get rid of anything from garments to sheets to whatever has fabric in my color scheme.

I have a lot of great ideas but the follow through is a huge hurdle for me. I am doctor identified as ADD (back when I was 15 and back before it was the "it" diagnosis) and it really is true that finishing a big project, unless I hyper focus, seems to be something I am unable to do. Although when medicated I can actually get and stay on task...but that's another post entirely.

So, that's my idea that's been recycled in my brain from several years ago. I think of the possibilities of finding old garments, other fabrics and such and how fun that would be to put together. Now I just have to get a job so I can start on that goal and so I can get other goals accomplished.

EDIT: I just found the name of the episode - "Saving Grace, Again: Part 2" which is described on IMDB as:

Original Air Date—18 November 2004

After taking Grace out of town to forget about Leo and their anniversary, Will and Grace stay at a hotel and Will hopes that Grace will finally find some peace. But, Will finds out that Grace has brought the answering machine with Leo's message on it with her and forces her to get rid of it so she stops thinking about going to the roof of Peninsula Hotel to meet Leo or not. Jack has to make up an idea for a promo for Out TV and meets the perfect actor for it in a hotel where he is working as a Bell Boy. Also, other people at the network think the actor is perfect, but when it comes to shooting the actor feels demeaned by the words he is supposed to say.

It's showing on Lifetime this Wednesday according to IMDB and I am bummed that I don't have cable. I'd be curious to know if in fact that was the episode I saw the comforters/bedspreads that had me wanting one like it so long ago...

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