Thursday, September 24, 2009

This picture electrifies me

This has always been one of my favorite pictures. I got it at Pier 1 back in the mid 90s for about $20 and silly me spent $100 to have it framed. It had that typical "poster" white border around it which I didn't like. Took it to the local frame store* where I had it nicely framed and I have loved it since.

The problem is that since I moved, it's just sort of faded into wall with the frame, though it never bothered me before:

So I made a change (wish I could get a better pic of it though):

As always, a photo taken with a p&s is pretty difficult but I think it pops out a lot more.

The funny thing is, I used electrical tape to cover the existing frame. I did that for a few reasons:

1. Spray painting is not much of an option this time of year between the colder weather and the wind we tend to get right now. I would need to haul it to my bro's house but I have something else I want to do with my black paint.
2. Spray painting should be done with the contents taken out of the frame so as not to destroy the matting and the print (it can be done but I don't want to chance it).
3. I really want to frame it like the two wolf pictures with the barn wood.
4. I'd rather wait until I move to see if reframing it see if that kind of frame is what I want when a house is finally found.
4a. I need money to reframe it.

Tehe, I had been thinking about it for a while and while I was taking stuff down to dust I decided to go ahead and just do it. It's kind of lame but as outlined above, it's just not going to happen.

Also, it's a totally non-committal way to see if something is going to work and basically free since I already had the tape. It works for the time being and while I like the original color, I needed it to pop more for the 2000s. :-)

A couple of notes:

The orange box next to my monitor stand is actually a Kroger granola box I painted to contain my papers and pens. Things I use a lot and also holds mail that needs attention.

Speaking of the monitor stand. My younger bro has some primer spray so I am going to take the stand over to his house, prime it and spray paint it black.

My computer "desk" is actually a dinette table I bought back in 1997 for its current use. I have decided that I am going to strip the polyurethane finish off and stain it to this color (may vary on your monitor - mine is calibrated):

And not put any poly back on. I want this table to age (look more rustic)...more on that later. My computer desk looks darker in the photos than it really is but it's your basic pine with no stain but a protective polyurethane finish. I may have the stain be a bit more grey than that though...

* The frame shop I went into happened to employ a woman I knew in high school.  She was friends with my brother (a year younger than me) and she was totally shocked when I addressed her by her maiden name. This happened when I lived in Grand Junction so when you move 300 miles from your home town, got married and is asked if your name is based on your last name,
it's mighty shocking.  It was really cool to see her and she did a great job with helping me choose the matting and frame for a $20 print. 

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