Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still alive and kickin'

Not much happening in my little household. Started to get stuff out of my storage unit so I can get rid of one expense while I look for a house. This means I have to (sadly) get rid of my washer, dryer and refrigerator.

Anyhow, made a few minor changes to the apartment with it being fall and the fact the heater is now working from about midnight till early afternoon when the passive solar heat (even in this dark cave) warms up my place...AND with living in a semi-arid climate it's dry anyway but then you add in the heater, you've got dry air, nose, skin and dust just collects and moves with any poof of air. (That's a lousy sentence!)

I wanted to find a little stand at Goodwill to put one of the humidifiers in the little hallway but didn't find anything. Ideally it would have been about 14" max deep, since they didn't have anything I got some long sleeve tops and a couple more tshirts to wear instead. All in excellent shape. So, Monday when I went to clean out the fridge I brought back the little antique desk I bought back in about 1991 and while it's 18" deep, it will have to do. "Work with what you have", right? It's a tight squeeze but I put it in the hallway with a few items from the storage unit:

I had started to collect colbalt blue glass back in the day and I still love them so they were unpacked and put on the little desk with some craft dowels and bamboo skewers in the vase...because I had them. Along with a couple of candle holders and it completes the desk a bit...I am not happy that it's so large for the hallway (perfect in width though) but it will do for now.

So, introducing another humidifier (two is all I need and my large 4 gallon Vornado is a bit much for this little place) I had to adjust a few things around in the living room:

I had my aunt and uncle over for dinner last week so it gave me incentive to get those dopey built in shelves straighted out:

I use them to house my purse, keys, gloves, cell phone as well as my gloves, bags to take the dog out and clean up after (wish my neighbors would do the same) and the ashes of my past animals (I know, I am weird - brother calls them "dog in a box" and "cat in a box" - he still has his "dogs in a box" ashes too so I don't feel too odd.

My knitting needles are up top, a yellow vase I intended to put some fall flowers in that I got at Goodwill but the Dollar Tree was out of them, and a few other doodads.

Yesterday when I was out getting a few groceries, dog and cat food I picked up a gourd, a squash and a pumpkin to put on my computer desk:

See the little orange box holding my paper and note pads? That's a Kroger granola cereal box I painted to keep those along with a pen and Sharpie handy right at my desk.

Also, I was at Ross (gotta see their clearance stuff) and they finally had the avocado green bamboo placemats listed for $2.99 (for a set of 4, I had been waiting for them to either be sold or go on clearance) so I picked those up to backdrop my shelves like the orange placemats above. It's still a strange application but I like them...oh I put the other two under the dark baskets on my living room coffee table.

Other than a few (very few) Christmas items, that's all the decor I am going to be doing until I move - whenever that is...

I've been busy reading blogs though. Everyday I go through them and wish I had a tad bit more $ to add in some fall decor because there are so many great ideas. But that's okay. I have a lot of orange and other fall colors in my home.

"Work with what you've got!"


  1. Good to hear from you again Liz! I like your 'dopey built-in' storage but I like anything that's built-in. I would love to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house that has all built-in, functional furniture. ;-)

    I know selling appliances is a drag but just think of it as putting more jingle in your jeans. Also, be sure and check Craigslist when you need to buy apps again; there's usually good deals here in Austin. Always check the Free listings first!

    Take care; stay warm and humid! LOL

  2. musingegret - Haha, I am not a fan of built in shelving and such but since I don't have a choice, I will go with the flow.

    I sold my fridge for a good sum of cash so I have another post despite the fact I said I was done with the decor...since I had a few extra bucks, I stopped by Hobby Lobby and took advantage of their fall sales. Which, since my home is based on fall colors, these are year round things.

    Need to upload and post.

    Have a great day!