Thursday, October 29, 2009

19° and blowing snow

Suffice it to say, I had called prior to my interview to make sure I had the right day and time because that's what you do, especially when you are ADD. You have to learn other ways to make sure your ADD doesn't get in the way of life. Ritalin and its generic version don't cure you (I am not currently medicated) but you do have to do things differently than most people.

Anyhow, my interview today was rescheduled for Monday. All I can say is, "Thank Goodness!"

Job interviews are nerve-wracking enough as it is but then you add in 19°F, wind chill of 1°F and crappy roads and you've got a mess a nerves just wanting to blow your whole sense of confidence.

I have to give myself a couple of bonus points. I got up when I did without grumbling because I actually had to use alarms (I use two because I am a heavy sleeper) and I prefer to wake up when I wake up. I got myself showered, dressed and had my boots on ready to go if they felt they needed to get the interviews out of the way today. I even ate a small breakfast, which is not normal for me as I am not a hungry morning person.

Looking at the long term forecast, it should be sunny and in the mid 50s on Monday so that makes me feel better about things. I don't mind this weather so much but on an important day that's not good and IMO it's too early to have arctic like weather.

I can't find any of my scarves so I may whip out the needles and start knitting one since I don't have anything to do today. I can't very well do crocheting as both hands are in disagreement with me right now so knitting it is.

Hope everyone has a fine Thursday.

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