Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sah-weet - A Mood Booster

It's very cold and snowy here in Colorado Springs today. The temp is at 24°F outside with a 13°F wind chill, snow has been (mostly) blowing sideways since I got up and with the alumimum windows and patio doors, the heat is running full force today:

So, I have all the curtains and blinds closed up in here since the windows and door are aluminum framed and in the 23 years as the building has settled, any possible ability to keep out air barely exists and as the former window and door girl it drives me batty:

It's depressing to trade off any available natural light to keep the heat in at 11:00 am. Last night I tacked up more of my tab-tob curtains behind the blinds (that don't match anything in here) in hopes of at least reducing some heat loss. I don't have the cash to get some thermal curtains so I am doing what I can with what I have.

Thankfully I keep fluorescent bulbs around, didn't give away the uplights I've had forever when I moved so now I have six lights in here to brighten it up a bit. It feels more like a cave today than normal. (All six lights are running at less than two 75 watt bulbs, by golly!)

Oh well. During my daily blog run (still working on it) I stopped by Funky Junk Interiors and Donna highlighted some projects from her first "Saturday Night Special" link party. I scroll down and there I am, she featured my tissue box project along with several others. I feel so honored!

That was a mood booster for sure. I've been feeling blue for the last two days and it hasn't helped that I feel I need to close the apartment up so it was very nice to see that!

BTW, that green step stool in the second pic is out here because the wand broke to the vertical blinds last week. They can't repair it as they are pretty old (a metal part broke on the carrier) so I am waiting on them to replace the blinds. In the meantime I have to use a pair of needle-nose to twist the blinds open and to push them towards the other end. I really, really want a house. Must find a part-time job (interview tomorrow, thankfully) then after that, it's house hunting time!

Hope everyone is having a fine day and if you are in the area of the winter storm, stay warm!

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