Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Copied from my Facebook - reflecting on today and life in general

I may not have wealth but I have my health. Today was a fine day and a few things that made it fine: Sunshine, dog having fun at park, kitty on my lap, looong hot shower, home-cooked meal in less than five minutes (leftovers rock), finishing my tissue box cover, finding a friend from high school...

I mean, life could always be better but sometimes it is the small things that count.

I mean, sure I need a job but right now I have a roof over my head with heat. I have food in my kitchen. I am sober. I have a car (The Flintstone Mobile), though it's not fancy. My cat and my dog help keep me sane and I love them dearly. My family rocks as do my friends.

I don't think I have been this settled in my mind for 12-14 years. I've got a lot of internal work to do but life does not suck.


Oh and just for grins. Here's a picture from the house I lived in for 11 years because I dislike posting without at least adding a picture...

How I MISS having a kitchen with a decent stove and look at that counter space!:

The stuff on the counter is stuff to make New Mexican Pork Stew aka Chile Verde.

I may have to make some green chile soon! When I do, I will post the rivals most any green chile you can find in the state of Colorado. ;-)

PS Don't mind the yellow round area under the paper towels. I had tried with all my might to clean that stuff off but it was not budging. My landlord/friend had the paper towel holder there before I moved in so that wall had seen a lot of years of reaching for towels with dirty hands.

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