Friday, October 9, 2009

A wee bit of extra

I was able to get close to my asking price for the fridge yesterday (which was more than I had budgeted for to get some things paid) so I stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way home. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't have but I wanted to take advantage of the sales they have on fall decor because they are the colors that I am decorating with year round anyway...50% off on all their fall floral works for me:

Desk with the Goodwill vase I got but the filler needs something better. I put tissue paper in there for now to secure the stem of the floral spray:

I will worry about the filler when I see what I think I am looking for (the vase is a pretty cheap and thin glass so no glass beads, that'd be too heavy) and hope it's cheap. I may line it with a white fabric as I have a white pillow case in the storage unit that I can cut up...

So the big pitcher got its own pretty too at 50% off:

The oranges and the yellows are almost perfect matches. Not apparent in the picture is it brings out the brown in some of the design and the lighter greens in the floral stem pop out a bit too with the green of the pitcher.

The little pitcher in the kitchen was adorned with a floral spray too:

While it doesn't have sunflowers in it, I like it. Never mind the very ripe banana, that's going to be consumed with lunch here pretty soon.

But I like the additions. Granted fake flowers and greenery from Hobby Lobby isn't exactly magazine worthy, I am liking the completeness of having them and it's my house and not for House Beautiful - hehe.

Oh and two last pictures of a couple of items I pulled from the storage unit:

The "tile" looking thing is an item my dad and step-mom brought back for me from a trip they were on but I don't recall where. I suspect Mexico but it's not one of my step-mom's bro's pieces (he's an artist in Mexico). But funny that, it goes with my current colors! The yellow matches and the rusty orange goes with other oranges in the house. Funny that, the outline before the "frame" part is a colbalt blue glaze. Interesting.

The cat figurines are part of a ton of cats my mom had collected. I got rid of many of them and kept the best of the best and those two were up there along with the Egyptian one she had brought back from well, Egypt in the very early 80s.

So, I spent a little extra dough that I probably should have saved for something a bit more logical. But I did do a bit of shopping with some of the stuff I already have so I guess it kind of balances out.

Have a great weekend!

EDIT 1:30 pm: Ah, I am going to post this for: Frugalicious Friday with Jane @ Finding Fabulous! Go link to your fabulous not-full-price find today or over the weekend!

EDIT x2 2:30 pm: My first, only and last "Hooked on Fridays" link.

- I've been reading Julia's blog for a loooong time but never posted a link in her McLinky on Fridays. I figured since it's the last of her "Hooked on Fridays" link-o-rama, I'd go ahead and join in. Lots of fun stuff to see on her blog on a regular basis.

EDIT: Monday 10-12: Oh yeah, my favorite thing on Mondays (well in my daily blog cruising) is Metamorphosis Monday on Between Naps on the Porch. Lots of great ideas to be had from places all over the blog world!


  1. All of the new arrangements are so pretty, the apt is looking very "Thanksgiving-y"!

    I saw on one of the decor/tablescape blogs last week a beautiful arrangement of shells and candles in a flat tray using dried black beans to anchor. Perhaps an assortment of black, white, and pinto beans (bought from a bulk bin) would anchor your florals in the thin glass vase??

    Enjoyed your post!

  2. Hello again!

    The white beans might just work. I want to stick with something that highlights the yellow since I don't have as much yellow in here as I would like.

    Right on, thanks for the idea! It's cheap and the weight will be perfect.

    Hehe, I think I am going to be "Thanksgiving-y" for a looong time. I really started using the oranges, yellows and avocado greens starting in June so it will be a year round thing but perhaps some changes around Christmas with some golds and maroons!

    Thanks again for stopping in. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Love your fall color!! Those urns are beautiful! I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog of genuine Cross Bottles valued at $175. It ends Monday, so hurry over. I think you'll love them!

  4. niartist - Thanks for stopping by! I am really liking fall colors in my home for year round. I was drawn to orange for some reason when I moved and with fall actually here, I can find things to suit my color needs!

    I will check out your blog.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. I love all the autumn colors, the oranges and the vibrant golds, your place looks great with the wonderful finds you have discovered...

  6. Good afternoon Phyllis - thank you. It's been fun to decorate on the cheap while looking for a house. Even in temporary housing one needs to nest a bit.

    BTW, love that picture you have on your blog:

    That is awesome!

  7. I love bright colors and love, love, love those flowers. Especially like the clean lines of your desk with those cheeful flowers!

    Nannykim--SPINDLE COTTAGE is my house blog!

  8. Hi Nannykim!

    Haha, I do check your blog regularly. I just don't have anyone on my follow list because I have too many that I visit all the time.

    Anyhow, thank you. My desk is actually a dinette table I bought back in the mid 90s. It has served me well over the years. I really need to paint the monitor stand to cover up the beige.

    Also, I think the flowers really made a nice impact in how things look around here.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

  9. Love the pitchers! Wish I had a Hob Lob closer to me! I bet you had a fun time shopping!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Frugalicious Friday! I love your fabulous finds! Hope to see you again this week on Friday!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  11. Hello tardevil - yeah, Hobby Lobby has become an obsession for me. I really like to find the seriously, seriously discounted items so I spend a lot of time in there when I go. It's my new addiction.

    Hi Jane - I read your blog every day and I might have a couple of items to link up to Frugalicious Friday...hmmm. I am still pulling stuff from my storage unit so perhaps I have some "free" things to add to my decor.

    Thanks for stopping by!