Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Textiles, How I Love Thee

Table runner on the dresser as you walk in the door:

"Not trying to be artsy" shot:

Ever since I started to work on my bedroom window, I've fallen in love with textiles more than I loved them prior. I've also begun to notice other elements of the home like baskets, pottery, woods and metals. I've always loved items for the home but I think I have found a new appreciation for them as of late.

It's like starting on a raw design for web design but you can touch, feel, smell and if you want, taste it. Of course there's the visual aspect. It doesn't have to be fancy though because you can use most all your senses which makes them have such an impact for our surroundings. I need to find a job that deals with home interiors. All home decor items be that from the architectural elements (windows, doors, walls) on through the interior design just make me happy.

I found the above table runner at Ross and it wasn't until I started looking at other blogs last spring that I didn't think of buying a table runner for anything but for a dining table. Now I can see there are more uses and will be on the look out for fun ideas to hang on the wall behind my futon.

Now I wish I could bannish all the mini blinds and the vertical blinds in this place and have nice window coverings throughout at a smart price. Granted I am hoping that my circumstances change with finding a house but I desire having pretty windows throughout.

Hope everyone is having/will have a nice Wednesday!


  1. Hi Liz! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for leaving such a helpful comment. Suggestions definitely noted :)
    p.s. Love the wire basket in those two shots, something I would want for my own home :)

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for dropping by. Hope my ideas help get you to where you want to be...whether you use the ideas or not. :-)

    Oh and those wrie baskets...I picked up 4 of them last summer during Hobby Lobby's clearance (66% off and 90% off) at different times. They were a soft gray and took out the good old stand-by that is black spray paint and made them my own.

    Three of them are on walls and after doing some reshuffling, I ended up putting that one more in the way they were intended.

    Thanks again for stopping by and be sure to update what you decide to do. :-)