Friday, February 5, 2010

Urkel voice: "Did I do that?"

Next project is to redo my office/desk chair. Last night I took it apart to see how it's constructed. I'm not encouraged because I popped off the lower lumbar area (under the actual lumbar area) and in doing so snapped the plywood in half.


No worries I was able to get it back together and found that it has a black plastic claw and bolt system with velcro. With my wrist the way it is, I couldn't even attempt the same with the upper part of the back so I put it back together again.

I think I purchased it via Office Max about 2003. Some might think it odd that I would get an executive chair but I did so for two reasons: I was doing well with my web design so I needed something I could sit cross legged if I so desired and I had a big fat cat who always wanted to sit on the chair with me. My previous chair had seen better days and with the cat, this chair gave me enough room to let him lounge on my lap while I worked. Sonny rather enjoys hanging out with me on the chair too and is doing so as I type this.

So, the options were limited and a leather chair was not (and still is not) something I would want so I had to settle for gray and for microfiber.

Microfiber, do not like. Once it's stained, it's stained forever. I plan on keeping an eye out for some fabric remnants to cover it until I can afford a new chair. I don't like the gray and it sticks out like a sore thumb in the apartment with my beige and tans as well as my autumn color scheme.

Hmmm, I wonder if anyone in my family has any leftover upholstery fabric - 3.5 yards is all I need and if there is less then I will get funky with it and do three different on the front and arms, one on the back and one on the seat.

So, this is in the future but hopefully sooner than later.

Happy Friday!

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