Monday, February 1, 2010

Before the Blues Comes the Cheap

Ross is still having their home stuff on clearance and since they are next door to Safeway I decided to see what Ross had on their deep clearance items, so check this out:

That's just on top of the bedroom curtain (outside rod) so I could get a full shot of it.

Anyhow, it's called "window in a bag": the valance, panels and the tie-backs are all included in the package.

Kind of a neat pattern. Thing is, it's super thin material (not like a sheer though) and the smell that came off it when I ironed it, reminded me of the fabrics in my grandmother's house (my mom's mom). I don't think she did much redecorating after I was born in 68!

What you don't see is the valance is integrated into the entire thing. Not separate, all one piece!

No bother, look at the price close up:

Just in case you are wondering. Hehe.

So what in the gods' names do I have in mind for that?

Ladies and gents, I have finally resolved the issue with this:

My ugly kitchen window with apartment issue mini blinds that look like they are 15 years old or more.

For 99¢ + 07326¢ tax.

The two panels are 27" wide by 78" long from where they attach to the valance. Cut the valance off each panel, fold in half, using the hemming tape (hopefully it's not stiff) attach at the top, do a quick stitch by hand up the long end edges if there's not enough tape, put on either a cheap rod ($1.57 at Target) or using the copper jewelry wire I've had for ages, fashion a few lengths of the wire across the top of the window with push pins and call it mostly covered...surely a tweak or two will happen...perhaps some ribbon detailing at the top or if I can find a small solid thing of fabric to make a real valance...ideas, ideas and more ideas.

99¢? Diggin' that!

I love to have where I am living being as complete as possible but putting much more money into making this my home with these ugly windows, although temporary, is not a good idea. For 99¢ though, I am not going to worry too much about breaking the bank for a solution for a temporary problem.

EDIT: Took out the seam ripper and the little thread scissors I have and the two panels are now detached from the valance part. Now I have a 55" x 17 1/2" valance that doesn't have a place to go. Not sure what to do with that. I guess I will think on it while I figure out how to complete the two panels.

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