Sunday, January 31, 2010

Injecting Some Blue

I've decided that I am going to expand upon the cobalt blue I had started to collect and put it (cobalt blue) in other places in my home. In order to do that without making drastic changes and to keep my finances under check yet still have quality, here is my thought process:

First we had this weird set up over my sink:

I don't know what I was thinking. I already had two more of the trivets I purchased from Hobby Lobby (all 50% off back in summer) so switched them up to this:

So, enter in the introduction of cobalt blue (with Photoshop as my partner here) without blue taking over:

Two 6 1/4" talavera tiles. Maybe two different tiles but I liked this particular design because it does incorporate some of the yellows I have around the I am thinking this:

Or this:

We'll see. It's just a vision I have and whether or not I get around to doing it is another story all together. I love talavera tiles, always have. I just never liked them in a large display...the installations with using them as accent pieces or as a border work for me. In my case, since this is an apartment and I have a horrible space above the sink, I rent, this is a solution that is doable for now.

Well, off to veg out to the news. Hope it was a fine Sunday for all.

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