Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scarf softly draped around her neck

I can't leave well enough alone and the sides still need taming but:

Here's the before, the before-before and the before-before-before. hehe.

I was very proud of my trip to Hobby Lobby in that I didn't purchase 5 million items I don't need. I admit, I did come home with a few items that were discounted or on sale (two glass votive holders and a gold plate -cheaper than Goodwill I tell ya- that I have a smaller version of...and I finally got two art/plate tabeletop easels that I have been needing to get for a long time now) I did get the intended fabric for the valance/pelmet box/cornice in the kitchen and found a remnant of black fleece to put on the bed for Sonny so it would coordinate and so he would quit sleeping on my pillows. I really scored on the fleece - mostly for my sanity.

Anyhow, on the way home I decided to see if the window scarf (the only one) was still available that goes with the two sheers. Yep, so after I ironed all 216" of it yesterday I placed it on the rails, went to have dinner with my aunt and uncle came home and crawled into bed.

I hadn't secured it in anyway and right now it's still a bit rough but I couldn't stand that it was not draping better.

I got out of bed in just my tshirt and hunted down the bow from the only Christmas gift I got this year - the sheer fabric in it is almost identical. Took it apart and at least secured it so it was draping better. Hehe, it was about 1:00 am, standing on my bed with just the shirt and undies because I can't leave well enough alone!

I justify it in that:

#1. I originally was going to look for a black throw for the bed. I had seen a black and leapord print one on sale at Target for $12 and some change. I resisted picking that up even though it would go with the not-my-usual-style $5 leapord print lamp shade. It also would have been perfect because of my Sonny's fur since it had some medium tans in there.

#2. I didn't spend $30+ at Hobby Lobby like I normally do in a trip there. I have mentioned it in the past, I often go and end up with a ton of $3-$4 things that I frankly don't need. Since I spent about $20 I figured the $5 window scarf was okay since I semi-controlled my usual inability to control myself in Hobby Lobby and I mostly stayed on task.

#3. I knew the scarf was there and I would not "rest" knowing that it was there and it might be the finishing touch I needed to conceal the space between the mirror and the back rail.

I think I made the right decision. I still need to "style" it a bit but at least it's doable for right now. The flash shows things it shouldn't but whatchya gonna do? At least she's as styling as my dapper kitchen window.

Oh and here's Sonny, again, sleeping on the fleece I got:

Not on my pillows! YAY!

Minus the fleece, total cost of scarf and panels = $11 + tax. According to Tuesday Morning's tags, this would cost $45 at normal retail prices.

EDIT: I have to admit, my bedroom is a bit more "frilly" than is my usual. The shimmery gold panels on the window, the sheers and scarf in gold, the other golds that are around the room. I usually opt for more organic looking (woven/textured cottons similar to canvas) fabrics. I can make my bedroom a bit softer/feminine and keep the casual look in the living room. I like a place that is relaxed but I think I have started to like a bedroom with a bit more uh, glamour(?) and so far, I like it.

Hey, I am a jeans, casual shirt and my Danskos everyday kinda gal. The direction my bedroom has taken certainly is a step outside my usual.


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  1. Hi Liz... I just wanted to thank you so much for your kind words you left on my blog regarding the passing of my mother. It meant so much, I just can't thank you enough. Her memories will live in my heart forever.

    Hugs to you, Deb

  2. BTW... I am loving your lovely bedroom. You are a brave soul to have dark colours with a fur baby... I have a blonde and white kitty and he leaves his mark everywhere in my house. I love the scarf what a deal. We don't have Hobby Lobby in Canada but DBF lives in New York I got to find me one of those stores SOON.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. Deb - thank you for stopping by. I have your blog on my favorites to check everyday and your post about losing your mom was certainly something I can relate to. It's not easy but we can only hope that our moms watch over us.

    Oh and as for the bedroom, it was a fluke. I normally wouldn't chose black because of the cat but since I have a black lab nothing in this house ever looks super clean. When you have dark and light fur, it's a never ending battle which is not worth getting too annoyed about. The love my boys give me is totally worth the fuzz that is through the house and on my clothes when I walk out the door.

    Many hugs to you and I send you my best during this difficult time.


  4. I love the new drapery you have added. It really sets the canopy and bed off nicely.

    I know what you mean about Hobby Lobby. Thank God our closest one is about a 40 minute drive for me. I could spend a paycheck in there everyday if I had it.

  5. Hi Treasia - thanks for the input. I am totally amazed I have gone with a softer look. I'm quite the casual woman but every woman desires a bit of frilly (even if not overtly so) in here life.

    Oh and yes, Hobby Lobby is like a drug with me. I can easily blow $30-$50 thinking "well, this was only $3 and this was only $4" and so on. They are in the same shopping center as one of my grocery stores so I try to go to one of their other locations when possible.