Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dang, looks like I'm moving...

...I wish. But no, prep for more spring cleaning:

(I caught Sonny mid yawn there in the bottom pic)

I'm wiping down all the walls in here. Thus far I have completed the kitchen (to include the ceiling), the entry, the hallway and the bathroom (also the ceiling in there).

It's cheaper than new paint. It's taking me forever to do because of my wrist, arm and shoulder but the places I have done it has been completely worth it.

I will have to wait till the cold weather is completely gone for the bedroom because of the double layers of curtains tacked up, which is fine. The front bedroom just isn't going to be done, that would be way too much to pull out the stuff in there since it's basically a storage room instead of a living space.

I've done this in two other apartments I lived in because the size is just right. Never to any house or place that had more than one level though.


  1. Good luck with the walls! I just did that in a bathroom...and it looks completely different! (Perhaps I waited to long to clean the walls? :P)

  2. Hi Della and thanks for dropping by!

    It's almost like I had new paint in here. Pretty amazing, though not easy work. In all the living room, kitchen, small hallway and bathroom took me five days.

    For most people, maybe 1/2 that time but with my arm and wrist, I have to go slower and take many breaks.

    Thanks again for stopping by!